Welcome to Raider Country

the Toronto Raiders are a Semi-Professional football team, who are members of the Northern Football Conference, with teams expanding across Ontario in Sarnia, Hamilton, Sault St. Marie, Sudbury, Oakville, G.T.A, Tri-City, Ottawa and into Quebec with a team playing out of Montreal.
we are a football team that Provides a playing field for CIS, and other Players who wish to continue playing the game of football.

meet our team captains

meet the 2014 raiders


The Raiders have a young quartet of quarterbacks led by 3yr vet Kyle Ptolemy - a multi purpose player who has competed on both sides of the ball in the QB, Free Saftey and Linebacker positions for the Raiders. Kyle's competitiveness and leadership will be counted on to guide the Raider offiense in 2014. He will have capable help from Don Schram - a veteren of the Toronto Indoor Football League. 

Running Backs

Team captain John D'ividio leads a strong team of running backs that include ex -itan Kareem Nedd along with 2nd year Raider Jamie Watson who will combine with rookies Emiliano Daci (Toronto Varsity Blues), and speedster Sammy Osei Tutu. The team is looking to a strong running game to control the clock and tire our opponents with a grinding power game.


The Raiders also boast a strong receiving core led by veteren and Team Captain Phil Dixon a second year Raider after a long and stellar NFC career who will lead our veteran core of other 2nd year Raiders Dan Brownlee, Derek Brass, Mark Briggs, along with team veteran Mark Weeks. The Raiders boast a solid veteran receiving group that will lead our team to the end zone many times in the 2014 season.

Offensive Line

The 2014 Raider Offensive Line will be a big, strong group led by Team Captain and Raider veteran Eric Sheddon (6'2 290) who can man any of the 5 spots on the line. Mike Delaney (6'1, 295) and Jamie Leplante (6'3, 315) are NFC veterans who will lead Raider youngsters Tevon George (6'1 320), Kyle Mason (6'1, 240) and Amir Mohammed.

Defensive Line

The Black and Silver have revamped the defensive line for the 2014 season. Still led by veterans Richard Thompson and Ted Newell our team has an international flavour this year with Kenzo Waku (Member of Team Japan in the Senior Mens Interational Bowl 2013), along with Bryan Kokala, a veteran of International football playing in France for the past few seaons combined with American David Gianella the Defensive Line will be a strength of the club this year. Ricky Mallete is a tenacious worker who can contribute to all positoins along the front and adds toughness and grit to the group.


The Raider defensive middle is anchored by Ryan Fields (6'2, 240) a ferocious tackler who mans the interior for the team, 2nd year Trystan Ally is a versatile run stopper and pass defender who along with newcomer Kashif Grant (U of Ottawa) and veterans Chris Beckford and Tunji Asiwaju will patrol the middle defense of the club. Opposing backs and receivers will need to be very careful when they try to gain any ground on this group - it will be dangerous territory.

Defensive Backs

The 2014 group of defensive backs will be a hard hitting group of speedsters. Veterans Jeremy Grinch, Michael Knight, Kris Chamberlain, Anton Collymore, Kevin Coxall, and Sean Thomas lead a talented and deep group of 1st year players that include Jesse Moses, and Kajun Lake.  They will patrol the back half of the defensive zone for the club. It will take a very courageous receiver to venture among this group of devestating hitters.